Did you own one? Did you dream of owning one? Or perhaps they just resonate with you today more than ever.

Theres nothing more satisfying than restoring a classic vehicle, none more so than a classic air-cooled Volkswagen.

Whether it’s a family heirloom deserving of love, or perhaps you’ve made a rare barn find, no one in Adelaide is better qualified to undertake a mechanical restoration of your vehicle than GHR.

Air-cooled Volkswagens are proving to be recognised not only as a thing of beauty, but equally an investment. Providing restoration work is undertaken correctly, your restoration investment should be realised in the value of your asset.

Tyre close up

GHR Motors has an exceptional reputation for complete mechanical restoration work, for both running and non-running vehicles. Their experience and knowhow ensure you are not paying for someone’s guess work or learning curve, rather trusting your vehicle to a classic Volkswagen specialist, ensuring years of reliable and enjoyable motoring.

GHR can also undertake Performance upgrades on request.

You can rest assured any part utilised by GHR Motors to restore your vehicle will be of the highest quality available, sourced globally from their extensive network of suppliers.

  • Engine Restoration
  • Brake and suspension Restoration
  • Clutch and Transmission Restoration
  • Electrical and Component Restoration

Whether you’re looking for a little more performance, a full restoration, or a show winning custom, GHR can exceed your expectations.

Please note, GHR can make recommendations for locally trusted restorers on request e.g. Paint and Panel etc.

Before you Purchase

Are you ready to take that step and finally have that classic Volkswagen of your dreams?

Perhaps you already have your eyes on a project that you’re interested in purchasing? Don’t rush in… caution is recommended. It’s not just the purchase price that should be considered, but the cost of repair or restoration. Don’t get caught!

GHR’s experience and ability to diagnose all things mechanical makes them an asset prior to parting with your hard earned cash.

A Pre-Purchase inspection is highly recommended, allowing you to make an eyes wide open purchase decision and the ability to determine a restoration budget.

Speak directly to Siggi and Steve and the team at GHR on (08) 8276 8440. Alternatively, simply email your enquiry to

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